Version: 1141
Publish DB updates to allow new app update
  • Added functionality to the options to allow adding bookings, new sites and new Managing Agents from the App
  • Fixed a bug that made the job ticket navigate back to the diary page despite originally arriving there from the site record.
Version: 1140
  • Added an additional label to the mobile app settings section to clarify what the option 'Enforce Customer Signature' means.
  • Limited the creation of documentation editor (quotes etc) to only create a version history entry if the current version has changes since the last version was saved.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when a managing agent diary filter had ben set but then the managing agent is made inactive meaning the diary filter would appear 'Not Set' but the diary was still filtering on the inactive MA.
  • Added the accept / reject circles to the Job Progress and also each individual job type tabs on the diary.
Version: 1139
  • Added a 'Time To Fit' panel on the assets page to record how long it takes to fit / install each individual asset.
  • Sorted the rep list in the service route tab into alphabetical order.
  • Added a 'Route' filter to filter 1 of the service console.
Version: 1138
  • Added a directions option from the Map button popup. this defaults to directions from the My Company location to the destination on the map.
  • Reset the Page Lock details on search to prevent occasional warning stating an existing tab is open.
  • Fixed a bug in the product QR code that showed the current product only when toggling through the products tab products.
  • Installation and sales job type added back into the drop down lists for new products that have an existing product that already has an installation or sales visit.
  • Added a link to the job ticket directly from the booking form when its a new job booking.
Version: 1137
Background Worker Updates
  • Added an additional stp into the mini search to handle initial queries where no search parameter had been entered. This prevents the main stp from timing out looking for null values.
  • Included a catch in the email background worker where a lifetime token has expired. this requires the user to re- authenticate.
  • If there are no results from the search query on the mini search popup, the dialogue now remains hidden.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the timeline rep share to also share to the job ticket when adding a job ticket timeline.
Version: 1135
  • Included archived sites when logged in as a call centre.
  • Added a page refresh to sites when the booking dialogue was open and a delete operation was performed on the booked day.
  • Hidden the delete key for bookings on the booking popup where the booked day had not yet been created.
Version: 1134
Prep for AI introduction
  • Bug fix showing incorrect address when adding a new supplier project.
  • Added quick link option to add a new PO directly from the supplier address panel.
  • Show the correct creation time on PO's in the RH menu, this was showing the tbl_ClientB creation time.
  • Fixed a bug preventing a new booking being added from the view all jobs option of the booking form.
  • Added back the option the save the booking form without a visit date.
  • Added a catch for the QuickBooks error code from the ID server. This is since their update of ID server responses made 4th May 2024
  • Prevented incorrect search history entries from showing when initially clicking into the search box.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a linked Job from being created when clicking the plus button from the Job Ticket.
  • Added back in the Supplier entry to the suppliers drop down list when on a PO for PO's that are raised from companies that are not set as suppliers.
  • Re positioned the calendar when selecting a PO invoice date so that the calendar is fully on screen.
  • Added an option on PO's to indicate if the invoice received from the supplier is a Pro Forma.
  • Added an option in the diary PO panel to show all PO's marked 'Is Proforma'
Version: 1131
Mobile First Cosmetic Update
  • Added popup option for job tickets to the site jobs history.
  • Expanded the height of smaller popups on mobile devices to avoid confusion with which save button goes with the current dialogue.
  • Update the mini search popup so that it show search history straight away instead of waiting until characters have been added.
  • Removed trailing comma from the popup and static addresses, including the clipboard text.
  • Improved the navigation of AutoMap by creating a top header on mobile browsers that allow the user to easily close the popup.
  • Removed unrequired buttons on AutoMap for mobile browsers where the screen is not big enough to support the option.
  • Fixed the save dialogue of all popups to the bottom of the screen if the dialogue is bigger than the screen in height.
  • Located the popup save dialogue permanently at the bottom of the dialogue when on mobile device.
  • Added quick links to quotes, PO's and invoices to the address dialogue of the service popups.
  • Improved navigation between pages when adding quotes, PO's and invoices.
  • Expanded the sales Tracker RH options to show bigger titles.
  • Rectified the contacts list / save / add new when the contact was from a Tracker  Project.
  • When a booking form is opened from Tracker, on save re open the tracker.
  • Added Project Quotes to the Company Record
  • Added filter options to the sales tracker follow up section on the diary.
  • Improved the layout of the sales tracker popup.
  • Renamed the Sales Prospect popup to Sales Tracker.
  • Added diary button Job Count to 'Projects' and 'Won Unassigned'
  • Made the popups move only if the screen is big enough for the full popup size, otherwise the popup is fixed centre and can be moved by scrolling the screen.
  • Added filter options to sales quotes.
Version: 1101
Incremental Update
  • Added Links in the LH menu for the Client Portal that allows the user to nav back to 'View Sites' from both the Site Record and the Job Ticket record. Also added a link in the Job Ticket to view the overall Job History.
  • Removed duplicate results in the search when the search criteria is a J ref or any other specific document reference. 
  • Added the Doc Reference to the RH menu of the Text Editor including the time / date and who logged it.
  • Added hash tags for the job tickets #OnSiteTime#, #LeftSiteTime#
  • Prevented the popup dialogue boxes from being positioned beyond the top of the screen. This prevents the user from losing the ability to re-position the dialogue if the heading is off screen.
  • Fixed a bug that if the dialogue box was larger than the screen height, it would be treated as a mobile device and positioned relative to the browser scroll position instead of the window height. This had the effect of making the popup jump to an position higher that required based on the scroll position of the window.
Version: 1100
Minor Bug Fixes
  • Updated the Client Portal to rectify a bug that prevented invoices, Service Quotes and Sales Quotes from showing if these had been selected as permissible documents.
  • Added a check on QuickBooks sync where QuickBooks returns the error You cannot select CIS accounts/items for a non-CIS supplier/customer.
  • Prevented the Unsort / Pagination numbers from scrolling with the table contents.
  • Updated the JobType reference for automated Job Tickets sent from the App so that the document type in the diary email list is correct.
  • Fixed the document link in the email client for general docs and service quotes so that when it lands on the page, the nav to the site record is correct.
Version: 1099
Minor Update
  • Added Managing Agent filter to the Routes diary panel.
  • Updated all stp's to limit the service view to 30 days due where the update the the main view omitted this.
  • Added Show all Routes to the Routs panel.
  • Limited the App Service Route stp so that the report only shows jobs within 30 days due. this needed rectifying due to lifting the restriction on the Service view.
Version: 1098
Improved Calendar control speed
  • Removed the diary restriction of Max 365 days. Now any date can be viewed on the diary.
  • Added Key account filter to the diary
  • Improved the password policy when setting new passwords to disallow certain characters and created better defined alerts on screen when a problem exists.
  • Added Managing Agent filter to Diary Menu Service Jobs. This includes the ability to sort high to low and low to high.
  • Service jobs can now be filtered on the usual 30 days before due date plus an option to view all future jobs.
Version: 1095
Database table Updates
  • Created a new table to store more than 3 days data for online user panel. This will allow reporting in future on how much user access has been made of the system. 
  • Improved stored procedures to be less reliant on tempdb temporary tables.
  • Improved the stp that sends data to the app in the main response to send new or changed data only.
  • Added an option in Mobile App settings to select the default Job Type for new bookings on the App.
Version: 1094
General Update with New Features
  • Added an option in the Mobile App settings to copy the reps report directly to the completion report
  • New feature to email a copy of the Job Ticket directly to the rep using the app on completion (Clicking 'Leave Site')
  • If a job from the 'Jobs Not Yet Booked popup is dragged to the Day diary (not week) it now updated the Not Booked dialogue by removing the job dragged.
  • Made the Invoicing console for Contracts without an invoice recognise when the MA Invoice Created checkbox is checked.
  • Added the Invoice column to the diary when in Day View
  • Complete improvements of Jobs Not Yet Booked so that the dialogue stays open when navigation days using the plus and minus buttons.
  • Improved the operation of the 'Recently Added' dialogue to utilise the API structure instead of doing it on postback.
  • Added more detail to the drop down list on a Job Ticket that allows you to relocate a product.
  • Separated the video and image data on the Job Ticket App Files folder so that the paid option applies for video.
  • Jobs Not Yet Booked updated to include PostCode, Tag and Make / Model fields.
Version: 1091
Service Log Improvements
  • Allow upload of Company Logo for use on the service log and also the default stationary used for new companies.
  • Added the service history for Service and LOLER job types to the service log.
  • Improved the upload of images to the Product Manager. This now defaults to the Company Logo.
  • Show green descriptive labels in the Product Manager QR code section explaining what it does.
  • Improved the search to include references that appear to be invoices, document references but have been entered in other fields. Originally these were not included in the results.
  • Added the day name to the day diary date. 
  • Made the day name on the day diary colour coded for weekdays / weekends.
  • Fixed an issue where the email signature of another rep was not being published when another user logs the details.
  • Added Job Count to the diary tabs Orders, Job Progress and Pending Action
Version: 1090
General updates & Improvements
  • Added a Company 'In Dispute' Report
  • Added a Site 'Void Invoice' Report
  • Added a Company 'Void Invoice' Report
  • Edited the Site Sales by nominal code report to split on the varying code values to retain the actual value.
  • Altered the Job Ticket heading 'PO Files to 'Local Files'
  • Altered the Job Ticket heading 'App Images' to App Files'
  • Altered the Job Ticket heading 'App Image Share' to App Files / Email'
  • Added an option to the Invoicing Panel to list Contract Invoicing service contracts that do not have a linked invoice.
  • Added the payment miss match values to the supplier payment sync.
  • Limited the Invoicing panel results for Job Tickets within the criteria selected to the last 12 months.
Version: 1089
Added Out Of Service statement to the App preferences
Version: 1088
General Update
  • Improved the Address Search when adding a new site. Entering a Post Code now pulls up all addresses at that location including the house number.
  • Fixed a bug in the client portal where archived products would show.
  • Fixed links on the client portal and call Centre access types where clicking the main part of the search results did not do anything
  • Prevented changes to the client portal / Call Centre preferences from changing the way the system works for the logged in user.
  • Removed the ability to change Admin options from call centre and client portal.
  • Added the Access Type Client Portal and Call Centre to the AccessType column on My Company.
  • Correctly show the Client Portal option access type in the users profile.
  • Forced the receipt dialogue to record only on its own JobType and made the update of the Payments table only update on Invoice Job Types.
  • Updated the Call Centre Portal to add options in the Settings section to allow any Job Type, Any Date for booking and edit any other Rep's existing Jobs.
  • Included the AccessLevel in the main response 'PageData'
Version: 1083
Bug Fixes and Additional Features
  • Prevented financial records from opening if the record does not exist or has been deleted. This includes documents where the site, product or company that the invoice belongs to was deleted.
  • Fixed a bug that threw an error when the PDF generator was unable to determine the Canvas image.
  • Added Invoices and Purchase orders to the client portal.
  • Fixed a bug on the call centre portal that was introduced by a previous update.
Version: 1082
Client Portal Additional Options
  • Added the ability to allow viewing sales and service quotes on the client Portal
  • Added the sites list to the client portal to save the user from searching when there may only be a few.
  • Fixed a bug in the Client portal that showed products in the product list that did not have that managing agent set.
  • Moved the 'AutoMap' button to the right of the title bar so that it can be shown by the app. This was temporarily obscured due to the screen width since adding the new quick link buttons.
  • Improved the labels on jobs consoles to prevent wrapping when the screen size is too small to fit the text.
  • Fixed bug in the new top menu bar to check for null buttons before styling them. This prevented any of the buttons from working for those users that did not have permission to see all of them.
Version: 1081
Improvements to the user interface
  • Added descriptive strap lines to the invoicing panel explaining what each list means.
  • Added descriptive label to the invoicing panel to explain what each list means.
  • Added a descriptive strapline to the Job Progress panel.
  • Added a descriptive label to the OOS panel explaining that this could be automated by the app.
  • Added a red warning to the PO list / panel where a supplier has not been selected.
  • Added a label explaining that when Email Replies are set up in 'My Preferences' it will only work on email replies that show in your email Inbox. IT WILL NOT WORK if a rule has been set that moves the mail to a custom folder on outlook as it will never hit the Inbox.

Created a background worker event to auto update the job count shown in the diary page buttons, this is on a 5 min scheduler to update each button in turn.

Incorporated several more updates to the App Bookings job type labels in various places on the system.

  • Added descriptive labels to the invoicing activity list.
  • Added quick link buttons for Job Progress, Sync,Invoicing, OOS and PO's that duplicate the actions of the same buttons in the LH menu. These have been added as they are often used and this update saves scrolling down the page all the time to find the buttons.
  • Improved the return of job tickets into the invoice activity list to eliminate those that show a zero outstanding balance but returned a 'No Invoice Found' response from the Sync.
  • Included an 'App Booking' job type in preparation for the app additional ability to book a site job directly from the app.
  • Improved handling of asset purchase and sales through invoice where the asset quantity was not being updated correctly.
  • Included all assets in the selection grid for details lines where only those linked to an assembly were being shown.
  • Limited the file size of the document editor to prevent overly large images from being dropped directly to the document. User is advised to use the file uploader where many more images can be included.
Version: 1077
Informative Labels
  • Added labels and restrictions to service contract jobs on both the booking dialogue and main job ticket page highlighting the effect of ticking 'Ready For Invoice'
Version: 1076
Interim Update
  • Renamed the Sales Stage labels 'Enquiries', 'Leads' and 'Opportunities' to 'Enquiry Stage', 'Pre Sales Stage' and 'Completion Stage'
  • Improved the data fetch speed of the custom values section.
  • Added a descriptive label to the Contract Manager dialogue to emphasize what a Contract Invoice is
Version: 1075
Update the way new invoices are prompted
  • Added an optional control to prompt the user when adding a stand alone invoice that if the invoice is supposed to be linked to a Job Ticket, it is better to create if directly from the job ticket where it is automatically linked.
  • Minor bug fix to popups dragged off screen and the main page is also scrolled.
  • Increased the width of the notice prompts.
  • Show the invoicing options on the booking form but disabled for users that do not have permission to use them.
  • Added a flashing envelope symbol to the Support button. This is because some users receive our reply email in spam and don't realise we have sent a reply.
Version: 1074
Minor cosmetic update
  • Updated CSS for IptPaleb that controlled the textarea notes section for asset notes section to allow a scroll bar to the RH side of the notes input box.
  • Included the column search phrase in the CSV report when a table is filtered on a particular column. I.E. limit the results to those that contain the search phrase.
  • Prevent the popup dialogue boxes from being positioned beyond the top of the screen.
  • Removed 'Is Subcontractor' option from My Company as this is irrelevant for that account type
  • Tidied the 'Account Type' panel of Company Accounts so that items in the box remain in position should account type options change
Version: 1072
Publish Web Updates
  • Added a resize handle to the textarea tags allowing a user to expand the details boxed vertically where required.
  • Reports - Financial - Credit Notes were failing when setting a date range. This has been rectified.
  • Added descriptive labels to the document designer letter head selection radio buttons.
  • Included the name of the company when an error is generated, func_Validation.
  • Altered stp_AVAPI_GetDataAsync8 to update the tbl_ProductType CompanyID to the current request ID so that check lists can be listed for sites where no Make / Model has been defined.
  • Updated SQL to show the correct Job Ticket reference number in the activity. This was defaulting to the next new number in the sequence.
  • Added a banner to the add new visit dialogue that prompts the user that if there is no site, there will be no address detail when the job is sent to the app.
  • Removed the 'Paste Rep Report' button when the device is a mobile device as the button was incorrectly located on a narrow screen.
  • Added ProductMisc3 and 4 to the client record RH menu if a value exists.
  • Added ProductRef3 and 4 HashTags to the JobTicket PDF.
  • Updated the booking form to use the Auto Category function so that if a job type is linked to an Auto Category then the booking form will update to use the cat automatically.
  • Added a warning alert when a user attempts to send an email to a recipient where the recipients server rejects the mail due to insufficient authentication.
Version: 1069
Created a FREE edition / general updates
  • Free edition will automatically apply after the 14 day trial of the full account.
  • If no one logs into the account for over 30 days, the account will be deactivated. (contact us to re-activate)
  • If the account remains inactive for over 90 days, the account will be deleted.
General Updates
  • Allowed single quotes when pasting rep report. This required escaping otherwise it would miss out all text after the single quote.
  • Added a general tasks section to the background worker that runs one a day at 6am to do general house keeping tasks.
  • Added Vehicle asset MOT, TAX etc schedule date to the daily background worker to increment dates that are active on the system to add a year if the date has expired.
Version: 1068
Web update for SMS

Added web app ability to read landline's as a mobile number to enable SMS service if the number starts with 07 or 447.

Version: 1065
SQL Server Updates - SMS schedule


  • Added Landline 1 and 2 as part of the checks for mobile numbers where users may have inadvertently entered a mobile number into a landline field.
  • Expanded the hit rate of possible SMS send's to include jobs entered outside of the selected time advance setting. I.E. jobs added late in the day for schedule sms for the morning.
  • Allowed a null value for the user AVI when no user image had been uploaded. this did not cause an error on the UI but did cause an error in SQL
Version: 1065
Publish updates to the Diary LH menu, add new account dialogue and default stationary.
Default Stationary

Updated the code to make sure a default stationary set is used when creating new documents. This was required for new users when first attempt at creating stationary may be done incorrectly. this update makes sure at least the document can be still created albeit on our default stationary.

Diary menu and add new account dialogue
  • Added explainer labels to the add new account dialogue
  • Split the add new account types (Site, Managing Agent, Supplier) onto separate radio buttons instead of a drop down list
  • Created separate menu items on the main diary menu for adding a new account
  • Polished the main menu on the diary to make the headings of each section clearer
Ios: 1.157 - Android: 2.162
Minor update to catch empty IsoBookedDates
Ios: 1.157 - Android: 2.161
Functionality update and bug fixes
  • Removed fields that overwrite user input that was previously used to allow simultaneous login on 1 or more devices. This now logs new data only on each device.
  • Changed the code that gets the Image file name so that it now does not look for a now non existent ServBID. 
  • Removed the check for ServBID in the stp that logs the incoming images where it had to convert it to a ServAID.
  • If an app is re installed, reset the PicID / remove temp mobile app images from the temp table so that they do not get rejected due to having the same PicID
  • Add the ability to add new sites on the app.
  • Add the ability to add new managing agents on the app
Ios: 1.145 - Android: 2.149
Publish Android / iOS updates
  • VAT statement is now included in the response for the Android.
  • Made sure the Rep signature time stays as it was on the Android without updating it to the same time as the Customer.
  • Added audio to the Android Video's.
  • Added a spinner when the Android is processing a Video.
  • Update the filename for video and images to send back a negative ServAID instead of a ServBID.
  • Fixed a bug where images / video sent through with a ServAID (negative value) were not saving to the correct folder. This was sending to a ServBID folder instead.
Ios: 1.144 - Android: 2.147
Minor bug fix to include service job history on Android
Ios: 1.144 - Android: 2.146
Added the ability to Book a Job directly from the app
  • iOS rep signature time now remains the same until its changed.
  • Added an option to show if the product is OOS in the notice panel.
  • Made a check on the version of app installed vs the last version synced on the system. If these are different, download the Parts / Make Models etc again as the tables on the app may be empty.
  • Improved the 'Stay Signed In' capability
Ios: 1.137 - Android: 2.144
Update STP that sends jobs to the app
  • Updated the STP that sends jobs to the app to make sure they are still sent if the rep signature date is not yet set but Leave Site has been actioned. This allows the app to send signatures in the background before the Leave Site option is complete
Ios: 1.137 - Android: 2.144
iOS app published
  • Improved background signature send while phone is out of signal, also allowed accept to be pressed where EnforceCustomerSignature was set. This prevented the app from working.
Ios: 1.135 - Android: 2.144
Publish Android
  • Improved the background service for signature save particularly when in a poor signal area.
Ios: 1.135 - Android: 2.142
Publish iOS app for Signature improvements
  • Updated stp_AVAPI_Save_Signatures6 to send the job back to the rep on the app if the EngLeftSite was still set as 1900.01.01
iOS crash occasionally

When entering the signature and saving, the app occasionally crashes. This was because the out of service save routine had a bug and was preventing the signature from saving correctly.

Ios: 1.134 - Android: 2.142
Android app published / Bug fix
Signature bug fix on Android
  • On the signature strip for Android, removed the back arrow which allowed the rep to ignore adding a signature.
  • Prevent the android app from sending signatures if the rep did not enter his own signature / or if the signature data files are empty.
Ios: 1.134 - Android: 2.142
New feature update - Both Apps
This update requires all app users to move to the latest version as it includes some important bug fixes to the way images and signatures are handled.
  • Use FormData to send images.
  • Use FormData to send signatures.
  • Updated the app to allow video at varying quality and length. This will be a future paid enhancement.
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements.