Features and Modules

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The modular design of AutoVu allows you to easily tailor the system to your individual needs. Start with a free account and build as your business grows, adding some of AutoVu's advanced features along the way.

Each section gives a general overview of how the module works, and how it might integrate with your business. View screen shots of each page so that you can really get to know the software as it would be on your system.

With solutions from single free accounts to multi department or location enterprises, we have an edition that will meet your demands. With multi currency, time zone and date format support, you can use AutoVu anywhere in the world.

Book An Appointment

Appointments diary shows bookings and appointments for sales and service engineers or general appointment booking. Scheduled by day, week or month with drag and drop capability to easily re-book your appointments.

Customer Search

Search for any part of the address, name or even the invoice number will find the record you are looking for. If it's a broad match search, I.E. lots of records are returned, simply use the instant filters built into the search facility to reduce the number of matches instantly.

Book A Site Visit

Booking on-site visits or sales appointments using the appointment diary is done in seconds. Create a new customer then book an appointment in one go. Search for an existing customer and arrange a visit for your sales team or service engineers directly from the appointment diary.

Sms Text Messaging

Text messaging is a powerful marketing tool. Text messages get read! it's a certain method of ensuring your message gets to the people you want to read it. Our SMS text messaging service is included in all plans as standard.

Group Texting

Send a message to each person on your diary at the same time. This could be to remind of a delivery, or maybe an engineer visit. Send to everyone or group by job type.

Warranty Manager

Warranty and expiry dates set within the warranty manager can trigger events for warranty renewal, warranty renewal letter generation and early warranty renewal offers. Expiry letters can be also be created for non-renewing customers.

Customer Record

Every detail of communication can be recorded, shared or simply stored away for a later day. From uploaded images of the site, to documents you may have produced or those sent to you, all of these can be conveniently stored within the customer record.

Products Manager

Each customer can have an unlimited number of products assigned to their account. This also allows separate billing of each product and a summary view of payments outstanding. Warranty control and product history notes are individually defined.

Media Timeline

Timeline can be displayed as a simple list of comments or as a media rich stream of content with the ability to share with colleagues via My Field CRM or through social media channels. Embed imageds or documents for instant viewing and sharing.

Sales Visits & Quotations

Lead generation and subsequent sales visits or sales meetings tracked with marketing automation through the My Field CRM prospect record. Use powerful marketing tools and view insights in to each lead as you progress through the sales pipeline.

Prospect Status List

View potential leads and status within an easy to read list. Follow up dates and sales visit times are easily viewed or sorted by clicking the column headings. Details include job age and descriptions.

Quotes Pending

A concise list showing details of every outstanding prospect within your sales pipeline. Detailing call back status, sales visit dates and how many days the lead has been held within the sales cycle.

Sales Quotations

Online HTML editor for preparation of quotations. Preview online including company stationary. Utilize mail merge hash tags to automatically include customer address details and references. Create PDF documents ready for printing or email.

Fault Tracker

Record a log of every fault that occurs on your products. Your service technicians can pick from a list of common faults previously added using our custom picklists module. This can be updated and amended at any time to include new faults or remove those that are no longer needed.

Service Agreements

If your company operates within a Service Level Agreement (SLA) structure. The ability to set timed response and notification of failure is built in to My Field CRM. Alerts can be sent to a nominated person of potential failures to comply.

Job Tickets & Service

Job Tickets and engineer site visits are grouped within each customer record, Send notifications to your site technicians and receive a return 'Thumbs Up' notification to say they have received the job.

Job Costing

Price every job with a full breakdown of costs. This can be done at any stage prior to Invoicing. You can price any job individually and even leave additional notes for inclusion on the final Invoice.

Accounts Department

A general financial overview of all products purchased with individual payment status and amounts outstanding. Instantly view each customers payment status with details showing invoices created to date and receipts made on account.

Invoice Details

Invoices can be broken down in to costs for product, labour and travel. Recurring invoices can be produced for those customers making regular payments, I.E. rental payments or monthly subscriptions.

Pdf Invoice

General invoices record product sales with a full breakdown of costs for time, product, labour and materials.

Online Document Editor

Design professional documents with the built in HTML text editor. Drag and drop pictures directly in to your document for a strong visual impact. Automatically include company stationary, customer address details and document references.

Id Verification

Today, identification is a serious matter, that’s why we have designed AutoCred the online ID verification service. Trusted, secure and highly reliable. Instant online identification for your workforce through their personal identity card.

Pick Lists

Pick lists are a useful method of quickly adding items on to your training matrix. You can define as many skill items as required and sort them in to skill priorities. Easily delete any incorrectly added entries, and edit current ones to reflect any new stages attained.

Training Matrix Editor

Start and expiry dates of a skill or set perpetual for skills that do not require an expiry date. Skill status is colour coded with a key that explains what each colour indicates. Dates can be included where required, the absence of a date indicates that the training date has not yet been set.

Training Matrix

View training records for staff, Keep up to date with records and view online at any time. Include start and expiry dates or when training is due to begin.

Job Completion

Polling the system every 30 seconds for updates. This tool updates on job completion by your Field Service team. The metric across the bottom of the chart shows the number of allocated jobs for the day.

Finishing Times

A simple pie chart that works on an average time the last job of the day was signed off. Calculated for the period of a calendar month. It's designed to indicate who goes home early.

Working Day

Ever wondered who puts all the hours in? well this handy chart tells you in an instant just that! It works by taking the start time of the first job of the day, and the customer sign-off time for the last job completed.

Social Media Integration

Customer Timeline is available both in CRM Sales Prospects and Field Service Management modules. Every detail of every conversation can be recorded within the timeline, from typed information, to embedded images and uploaded documentation.

Location Services

AutoMap route planning software will show you every job location colour coded by Job Type or Rep. For any company that operates vehicles on the road for field services, pick-up, delivery, collections, or any transport related activity.

Route Planning Software

Route planning forms an essential part of any transport business from delivery and collection routes to field service companies with planned maintenance calls. Keep your fuel costs down and your profits up.

Satellite Navigation

Create a route directly from the data within My Field CRM. Never type another post code or customer address on your mobile device. Use the information already stored to navigate you directly to your destination.