Modules and Plug-Ins

Every AutoVu Plan comes with a set of modules and plug-ins, you can choose additional modules to suite your individual requirements.

AutoVu is all about making things easy. That’s why we’ve built it using a smart modular design, meaning you can pick and choose the parts of the software that help you the most. Want to focus on improving appointment management? There’s a module for that. Or perhaps you’re looking to improve your prospect process? There’s a module for that too. The modular design of AutoVu means it’s never been easier to integrate both your sales team and field service team in one place.

Browse each section and find out how AutoVu can help your business stay one step ahead of the competition.

AutoVu works as soon as you sign in, but if you require a bespoke system give us a call.

Modules and plugins for CRM software and the service industry

Your Business, Your Rules

Business is won and lost on the strength of good timekeeping. That’s why our Appointments module has been designed to keep your company organised. You’ll have visual overviews of your schedule and the handy drag-and-drop feature means it’s easy to move things around or re-book appointments anytime.

AutoMap route planning software will show you every job location colour coded by Job Type or Rep. For any company that operates vehicles on the road for field services, pick-up, delivery, collections, or any transport related activity. This will save you a lot of time and money.

With the AutoVu Prospects module, you can keep track of every single one of them. Not only that, but you can see your prospects via a handy timeline. Schedule reminders for phone calls or visits, and make doubly that you never miss a meeting again.

Keeping track of your teams out in the field is no easy task. The AutoVu Field Service Management module changes all that. Schedule and dispatch workers, assign jobs in no time, print job tickets and email details straight to your teams in the field – it’s all here.

Money, money, money. Make yours last and go even further with the AutoVu Financial module. Designed from the ground up to make finances easier, you’ll be able convert job tickets and costing info into personalised invoices in just a few clicks. Make your invoicing easy with comprehensive features for both hard-copy and digital invoices.

Get rid of the paper-trail with the Documents module within the AutoVu platform. Allowing you to effortlessly create and edit documents using the online text editor, this module makes the management of your paperwork simple. What’s more, you can email documents directly to any customer without leaving the module. Talk about time-saving!

Do your customers know who is working on their products, or are they even qualified? AutoCred from AutoVu Solutions is the online ID verification service designed to easily, and quickly view the credentials of the person working for them.

Keep everything in one place, and where you can see it. Thats the idea behind Media Timeline, Link to your Customer CRM Prospect, or the Field Service Management module, or both! Either way you can stay informed of events as they happen.

When you can 'See' your data in a visually graphic way, it really can highlight some things that you may otherwise have missed. Give our visual data dashboards a try and bring your data to life!