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At AutoVu Solutions, we provide a leading combination of field service management, CRM and an online job booking diary. Designed for both large and small businesses that work with products or offer a service.

Work from your office, home or any other remote location and stay in touch with everything that matters about your business. Our technology is constantly up to date, utilising the best in security and IT practices.

With solutions from single free accounts to multi department or location enterprises, we have an edition that will meet your demands. With multi currency, time zone and date format support, you can use AutoVu anywhere in the world.

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Improve your Level of Service

Utilising the benefits of AutoVu will reduce your overall costs whilst at the same time, increasing your level of service to your customers.

Your team can have instant access to the information they need, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With notifications of new jobs posted and return receipt acknowledgement that they received the job request.

If you operate within a Service Level Agreement (SLA) structure, AutoVu will monitor and alert nominated individuals of pending contract violations.

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Your security is our highest priority

As a cloud based solution, one of the questions were often asked is about security.

Our Data Centres are certificated to ISO 27001, which is a standard achieved for information security. Your connection to our servers are through HTTPS encryption protocols, and your log in credentials are provided through .NET 4.6 Application Membership Providors.

Our internal policy regarding data security disallows access to any data by our staff unless you you grant access through a help portal ticket request for technical assistance. We also meet any legal requirements applicable at your location that may affect your access to data.