Job Scheduling for your Small Business

Small Business Field Service Management and CRM job booking

Well-organized field service is vital for running a successful small business. By interacting directly with your field service teams you can have up to the minute location details, job completion and fault analysis information, and a signed completion report from the customer.

Recognise your Prospects

Capture and convert opportunities. Book and track sales calls and customer site visits with timed reminders and follow up notifications. Easy to use list of all current and future tasks with email and screen alerts to make certain you do not miss an appointment.

For any small business, reputation is your greatest asset, build on that platform by providing an even better customer experience and make your business more profitable.

Features and Modules.

The modular design of AutoVu allows you to tailor your application to the requirements of your business. By utilising one or more of these modules, you can use the functions that you need to run your business successfully. Here is six of the best, to give you a start.

Appointment Diary

View your sales visits, appointments and enquiries in an outlook style calender that you can view by day or month. Drag and drop easy to use re-booking facility with colour coded labels for easy identification.


Once your prospects have become customers, the customer record becomes the main focus within your CRM system. Job Ticket details, warranty control and financial reporting can all be performed from this module.

Sales Prospects

Record details of each prospect enquiry from the initial call through to sales appointment details and quotation. Schedule timed call backs with your customers, log details on their time-line for reference at each call back stage.

Field Service

Printed or send direct to your service technician through mobile communication. Easy update on site logging technician report and customer acceptance signature in real time giving your back office instant updates as they occur.


Create invoices directly from your job ticket report with a breakdown of costs for each element of the job. Generate service maintenance payment schedules automatically dispatched to your customers at regular intervals.

Document Control

Create documents directly in My Fielf CRM. Print or email in PDF format using our easy to use document editor. Upload and retain documents from customers and suppliers.


Stay Ahead with Automation

AutoVu is one of the longest established cloud based Field Service Management applications on the market. Optimised primarily for the small to medium sized business.

Automate your service amd maintenance procedures, empower your field service teams with past and present service information and improve the level of service offered to your customers.

For any small or medium sized business, staying in front of the competition is always a factor. By utilising the powerful features of AutoVu will provide several opportunities to stay in front.

Small Business CRM Appointment Diary and Job Booking

CRM and your Mobile Device

All the features you would use on your desktop machine are also available through your mobile device. This means that wherever you may be, you can sign in and get up to date information on the spot.

A full diary can be viewed by day, week or month which can also be filtered by individual rep. Access permissions can be set that restricts the view to certain job types or individual users.

Sales teams and site engineers can view and update sales reports or job ticket requests. Email notifications link directly to the customer record for instant access to details. Site staff can respond to job requests through a 'one-click' process to notify your team back at the office that the job has been received.

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