Sales Prospects

Quotes Pending

A concise list showing details of every outstanding prospect within your sales pipeline. Detailing call back status, sales visit dates and how many days the lead has been held within the sales cycle.

Quotes Pending

Feature Summary

  • List current prospects and status
  • Concise view of all outstanding prospects
  • Show the visit date and current quote status
  • Links directly to the customer prospect record
  • Sort on columns simply by clicking the heading
  • Set reminders to alert overdue prospect calls
Sales Prospects*

Sales Visits & Quotations

Lead generation and subsequent sales visits or sales meetings tracked with marketing automation through the My Field CRM prospect record. Use powerful marketing tools and view insights in to each lead as you progress through the sales pipeline.

Sales Visits & Quotations

Feature Summary

  • Sales Visits Automatically Show on Diary
  • Create Sales Appointments and Book Dates
  • Schedule Follow-up Calls and Bookings
  • Produce Quotations and Record Current Status
  • Log Communication History with Timeline function
  • Custom sales stage and lead source
Sales Prospects*

CRM Sales Prospects

Sales Prospect record on mobile device

How Does it Work?

Communication is at the heart of each sales stage. My Field CRM records every step of the process from initial enquiry through to eventual sale, collecting vital sales statistics along the way.

Book sales calls through your prospect record that will appear immediately on your appointment diary. Create timed reminders to follow up the discussion and produce quotations recording the current status showing sold/lost details.

Create Quotations within the customer prospect record that can be emailed or printed.





Prospect Status List

View potential leads and status within an easy to read list. Follow up dates and sales visit times are easily viewed or sorted by clicking the column headings. Details include job age and descriptions.

Prospect Status List

Feature Summary

  • Share and quote status
  • Share prospects with colleagues and administrators
  • Record the status of your quotations
  • Include the quoted date for reporting features
  • Re-quote date records customer requests for update
  • Instantly share the status of your quotations
Sales Prospects*

Sales Quotations

Online HTML editor for preparation of quotations. Preview online including company stationary. Utilize mail merge hash tags to automatically include customer address details and references. Create PDF documents ready for printing or email.

Sales Quotations

Feature Summary

  • Online Comprehensive Document Editor
  • Include Mail Merge Address
  • Instant PDF Creation Tool
  • Online Document Preview on Company Stationary
  • Include Own Signature Embedded Within Documents
Sales Prospects*


CRM online HTML Editor Quote


Online HTML Editor

Documents and Quotations can be created directly within My Field CRM. Using the online HTML editor, quotations can be created instantly with all customer details fields automatically completed.

Using mail merge hash tags, references, date and signature information can also be included automatically.




CRM online HTML Editor On Screen WYSIWYG


Preview Before Creation

An online preview of your document can be viewed prior to creating a PDF, this is shown on your own company stationary and includes your signature embedded within the document.

Who to send to can be edited including for who's attention. Hash tags are also available for automatically adding a 'R.E. field.




CRM online HTML Editor PDF Creation


PDF Quotation Document

PDF documents are created and stored within the customer record for later viewing, emailing or printing.

Company stationary can be included on the final PDF allowing for production on plain paper printers.