CRM for Building and Construction

Job booking diary and appointment schedule software

The team of developers at AutoVu Solutions has been growing our platform for over a decade, so we know what it means to build something from the ground up. During that time, we’ve worked closely with companies that design and build new homes, those that work on trade premises, and many others. We’ve also supplied comprehensive solutions to businesses that maintain properties once they’re built. Our platform offers advanced Field Service Management, meaning your team’s workflow is always optimised and within your control.

Whether you want to leverage the full complement of AutoVu features straight out of the box, or pick and choose the specific modules that will help your building business, the system will work for you. Some building and construction companies want to focus on lead generation, others prefer to focus in the actual field work – and many more do a blend of both.

Why AutoVuSolutions

As we have grown our platform, we’ve spent time with many businesses types – including the building trade. This has taught us a lot about what you need (and what you don’t). It was this type of thinking that led to the development of our modular structure, as well as the inclusion of custom widgets and plug-ins, all of which can be tailored to your building or construction company.

  • Sub Contractors and Main Contractors
  • Document and Site Drawing Storage and Viewer
  • Timed Response and Service Level Agreements
Field service and facilities management for builders and the building trade

Purchase Orders

Easy to Create and Track

With AutoVu you can create purchase orders linked to individual building projects. Whether this is a product purchase, or parts required to rectify a problem, every purchase order can be tracked back to its origin.

Delivery and courier details can be specified with a reference number for easy searching on their respective order/details. This makes finding records in AutoVu a simple task when external companies specify their own reference numbers.

Track each stage of a purchase order from initial purchase date to the due date and subsequent delivery date. Clear indicators show the status of a purchase order with the ability to record Drawing Approval where these have been issued.

Purchase orders for builders and the building trade
Professional cloud based software

AutoQuote System

AutoQuote for instant online CRM quotations and estimates

Create Dynamic Quotes Instantly

AutoQuote is designed to make the quotation process as easy as possible. Each quote can be defined from a pick list of pre-defined building products / materials.

Custom templates can be defined for any building type giving you full control over the look and feel of your dynamically created quotations.

With a pre-defined pricing structure, you can be certain that each quote produced will be priced according to the requirements of the site.

AutoMap Route Planning

AutoMap Route planning map and directions software for builders

Dynamic Route Planning in Minutes

Route planning and job location software is integrated directly in to AutoVu. No copy and pasting in to other applications is required.

By using the address details already stored about your customers, AutoMap will show you every job location colour coded by Job Type or Rep.

For any company that operates vehicles on the road for field services, pick-up, delivery, collections, or any transport related activity.

Directions and Route Optimisation

By utilising your jobs diary and appointment schedule, AutoMap will calculate a route based on the job order shown on your appointment diary.

Optimisation of the route can be switched on and off to instantly show your route before and after optimisation. Automatically include 'Home' as the last destination.

Each map marker is directly linked to your customer job ticket record, allowing you to instantly update your route planning by using the results shown on the map.

Route Planning location CRM software for building trade

Visualise your Customer Locations

Instant Satellite Navigation

View your customer site locations as your fleet drivers do. AutoMap from AutoVu allows you to view any location as though you were there.

Using your mobile device, automatically create a Satellite Navigation route from your current location to the chosen destination with step by step audio and visual guidance instructions.

Route planning is directly linked to your customer record so no need to ever type the address details in. AutoMap automatically uses the details already stored in your CRM.

AutoMap from AutoVu can significantly reduce the time it takes to plan routes for your fleet drivers from hours to just a matter of minutes.

With optimised route planning software, you can cut fuel costs, reduce excess mileage and get your team to more locations in less time.

View AutoMap
Auto Route satellite navigation route planner for builders
Route planning and visual location software for builders

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Products and Inventory

Product Pricing Policies

Each individual building plot can have its own warranty and call out / site visit history. Toggle between building plots by simply clicking on the Plot ID within the grid.

A building plot can have a tag name for identifying which of several similar sites within a location.

Each location can have its own pricing policy. Either simply upload the plot / location image and give it a name, or go much further into configuration of your site locations by giving them cost and markup values.

Variants can be set up that defines each element of your building materials list. For example, the illustrated product here is a stairlift, which could be one of many items supplied in to the property for consumer use. Each specific item can be identified and priced an an item. This information can be later used when quoting for materials to your customers.

Product pricing for the building trade
Professional cloud based software

Accounts & Invoicing

AutoVu Solutions Accounts module allows you to invoice every sale of product or parts with the ability to link each invoice to its respective building or mantenance job. Building contractors can apply job costing directly from site with an invoice issued before leaving the premises.

Full profit and loss can be accomplished through AutoVu by recording the cost invoice of each building materials issued by your suppliers which is offset against your sales invoice.

Details of any invoice from utility bills through to sales can be recorded providing a full accounting feature that can be exported for direct use by your accountant, eliminating the need to operate a separate accounts package.

Accounts and invoicing for builders and the building trade

CRM and your Mobile Device

All the features you would use on your desktop machine are also available through your mobile device. This means that wherever you may be, you can sign in and get up to date information on the spot.

  • Instant SMS Text messaging
  • Email Notifications and Job Alerts
  • Parts Allocation and Management
  • Job Completion Signatures
  • Route Planning and Navigation
  • Completion Reports and Certificates

On call engineers can have full access to warranty information when a customer calls after hours or during the weekend. By raising a job ticket, your engineer can visit site, complete the required work and sign off the job on completion. When your office team gets back to work, they can view all after hours activity instantly.

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