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It’s no exaggeration to say that most businesses would be scuppered without their receptionist team. Whether they deal solely with reception duties or also do some office management, receptionists are one of the most vital staff members in any company.

Job Booking and Resource Management

Job scheduling and appointment booking for receptionists or admin staff can be a juggling act at best. Save time and improve efficiency with our online appointment diary and job scheduling software.

View your appointments and job bookings at any time, anywhere and on any device. Your receptionist team can be located on or off premise and still perform the task.

Why AutoVuSolutions

Our easy to use appointment diary system allows you to create customer accounts, book and re-schedule sales and service visits, set up timed notifications, and visualise your workload by day, week or month.

Available in four editions designed to suit any size of business with an affordable and simple pricing structure. Work directly from the cloud at any time and from anywhere using your desktop or mobile device. Time zone, date format and currency can be changed instantly to reflect your locality.

Your receptionist team will be more efficient, more effective, and much happier in their roles with an appointment diary job booking system that just 'Simply Works'

Receptionist Appointment Diary and Job Booking notifications
Appointment job scheduling receptionist CRM software

Documents and Images

For Desktop and Mobile

Receptionists and admin teams often deal with many incoming documents or images sent through email or social media channels for storing with customer files.

Your team can easily attach documents and images directly to the appointment diary customer record or scheduled jobs. Images can also be uploaded directly from site locations directly to the job record or appointment file.

Documents and images can be retrieved at any time by viewing the appointment diary booking schedule. Your receptionist team can easily locate the documents you require and notify you to complete the job.

Social Media Integration

Media Timeline

As well as documenting every conversation, Media Timeline allows you to instantly embed images and documents straight in to the conversation history. Just one of several ways to store images and documents for your appointments and job booking entries.

Every conversation, document or image discussed between your receptionist team and customers can be logged directly within the Media Timeline appointment diary entry, giving you an instant up to date overview of your appointment details.

Our example here shows a rather nice place to relax and enjoy some quality time, but highlights the easy to use functionality of the AutoVu appointment diary job booking system.

Find Out More and find out why AutoVu job booking appointment diary software is the number one choice for many businesses just like yours.

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