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CRM is in a unique position in the world of business. It's something that (some would argue) is critical to real success, yet it's also one of the most misunderstood. Here are 3 common misconceptions about CRM – and the truth behind behind each one.

If you're still not sure whether your business really needs CRM, or even if this is the first you're hearing about it, clearing out some misconceptions is a great way to learn. Don't worry; we know that CRM isn't the clearest of topics, which is why we’ll try to break it down as simply as we can. Ready to shatter those misconceptions?

#1: CRM software is expensive

One of the biggest misconceptions about CRM is its cost. After all, it can sometimes take a good few months before the real benefits of a new software implementation become clear. The reality is, of course, that CRM systems like AutoVu  actually pay for themselves (and then some) over time. Consider the huge amount of workflow optimisations that good CRM can bring, and the man-hours that can be saved this way – these alone can amount to tens of thousands in expenditure savings.

#2: Buying CRM software means investing in features you'll never use

There’s no denying that some CRM software suites are, quite simply, bloated. They package together features that some businesses need, whilst others don't. Even worse, they force you to pay for everything or nothing – whether you’ll use it or not. What this adds up to is a software solution that does a job for you, but is also something of a waste of resources. Thankfully, AutoVu  isn’t like that at all. In fact, one of the key features that our clients love is the fact that AutoVu  is a modular system. That means you get to cherry-pick the features that will help your business most – refreshing, eh?

#3: Small businesses won't benefit from CRM

“We’re not big enough for CRM just yet,” is something we’ve heard a few times, but it’s actually based on a fallacy. There’s a common belief that CRM is only really necessary once your client book is larger than ‘X’ clients, but this thinking ignores many hugely useful CRM software features. You see, CRM is far more than simply setting appointments and tracking email threads. With a CRM solution like AutoVu , even small businesses can benefit from visualised data reporting, online ID verification for field staff, advanced invoicing, and documentation – to name a few. Features like these are hugely beneficial to all businesses, no matter how big or small they may be.

So there you have it: three (totally understandable) beliefs that are, quite simply, wrong. Do you think it’s time you revisited your approach to CRM software solutions? If you've learned anything from our list of misconceptions, you might like to discover that little bit more about AutoVu . Explore the site today or call our friendly team on 0845 474 8824.

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