Field Service Management & The Mobile Revolution

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In the past few years the integration of mobile devices into the workplace have transformed the way we work, they have improved efficiency, and increased productivity. With job booking software comes the ability to dispatch a technician within moments of a call coming in. This can be based on several factors such as location or current workload.

Let’s take a look at a scenario:

A customer calls in and reports a fault. Verification that the customer details already exist of your system is simple. Any part of the customer name, address, postcode, telephone number can all be used in any order or parts thereof to locate the record. Once the details are established, allocation of a technician can be determined by location or workload. Technicians can be viewed on a visual map with ETA for each being determined. After a few clicks of the mouse the job details are on their way to your technician.

Technician receives the job

Meanwhile on the technician’s device, a notification is received that a new job has been allocated to which can be responded ‘Accept’. This in turn notifies the allocating personnel that the technician has received the new job.

Technician is Enroute

Each job allocation event is tracked with date, time and location information. This allows accurate pricing and invoicing details to be used once the job is complete. Tracking events include:

  1. Travelling to site
  2. On-Site
  3. Job complete and the product is working
  4. Product not working
  5. Return visit required
  6. Job complete

Other information collected during the site visit includes Customer and Technician signature, job report and site pictures.

Job completion and Invoicing

Within moments of your technician completing each allocated job, all of the information required to create an invoice is available. In short, this means you can have an invoice and job report emailed over to your customer before the technician has even left the property. This whole process is completed directly within the job record.

With this level of automation, the use of paper-based job reports is fast becoming obsolete. What’s more, job reports can easily be tailored to each job type meaning that there will never be a time where the technician has to complete the wrong paperwork simply because they have run out of the correct forms, further, they cannot lose the forms which as we now know may pose an infringement of GDPR regulations depending on the severity of the loss.

This short scenario shows just a small part of what AutoVu Solutions can help you achieve within your business. Get in touch if you would like to find out more about this subject or any other aspect of our software.

About the author:

Jim Simmonds
Web designer and occasional blogger. As owner/manager of AutoVu Solutions, my commitment to my customers remains my highest priority. Our Field Service Management system is designed to make running your business a simpler process.

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