Where did it all go wrong?

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Ok, nothing went wrong, but these days don't you need an attention-grabbing headline to get noticed, something sensationalised to grab everyone's attention? I've clicked on so many of these, only to be let down with weak content or a completely irrelevant story.

Today I sat down to write yet another blog all about our software, something to do with one of the latest features we have created, or re-iterate one of the old ones, you get the idea.

As the thought process churned along, I absentmindedly click on one of the many links conveniently lined up at the top of my browser to a social platform, scrolling down the stories as I have so many times before, in fact, probably only 10 minutes ago and saw all the same stories!

I look at these stories and visualise them as tiny windows into the lives of others. It’s almost as though you can determine an entire person’s life, personality and social standing, just from the few words they write. Read a person’s news thread often enough and some fairly fixed opinions can easily be formed. Is it fair to form these opinions?

I’ve asked around colleagues and friends and it seems many of us do the same thing. It becomes apparent that who we are to the extended world is the sum of all the things we have ever written, particularly on a social platform. It’s a daunting thought. I’m sure we have all heard about one or two celebs who, at some stage in their earlier career may have written something that today does not fit with our current way of thinking. Someone conveniently finds these words from 10+ years ago and publishes them today where things are all so different to what they were.


What was OK yesterday may be considered offensive today

What is OK today may be considered offensive tomorrow


With that in mind, have we lost our sense of reality? In the news, there’s always a story about whose been offended by this or by that. If you get to the root of things, the comments are often made in a particular situation and in a manner we all share and crave, whatever faith or social standing.


Humour and Laughter.


Clearly this is not always the case, but in so many instances it is. The thing that often springs to mind for me is ‘When did we start taking ourselves so seriously’

I don’t know what the answer is, but what I do know is that social media in general has become a major distraction to our lives. How many times have you created a post, as soon as it’s out there you’re eagerly waiting to see how many likes or shares it receives! Who knows, it might go viral!

The truth of the matter is a chunk of life just passed us by staring at the phone that we can never get back.

Summing things up its safe to say, you are what you type!

Speaking of which… what was it I was just about to do? Ahh yes! a blog about CRM…

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