How AutoCred Can Streamline (and Secure) Your Business in All-New Ways

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Identity fraud is an unfortunate truth of the modern world, but that doesn't mean your business has to run any risks. With the innovative AutoCred system built right in to the AutoVu platform, you can create a more secure service for you and your customers too.

Whether you run a large-scale field service team or simply have a few engineers on call, it's essential that they represent your company in the right way. One problem that faces a wide range of companies in the UK is the fact that ID cards can be easily counterfeited, making fraud an unfortunately common issue across the country. With the AutoVu system, you can eliminate this possibility and boost your business’s trust and reputation. Here’s how.

What is AutoCred?

Put simply, the AutoCred system is a huge evolution of basic ID cards. Rather than simple laminated printouts, the ID cards that the system supplies are intrinsically linked to data on your in-office systems. How does this help your customers? Well, with a simple scan of a QR code, any customer can pull up a detailed report of the staff member’s skills, experience, and qualifications. Each QR code is completely unique and impossible to fake, making the AutoCred system one of the most foolproof ways to confirm staff identities. Even better, you’ll have complete control of every ID and can update details from anywhere in the world.

Try It Yourself

Go ahead and try the sample shown here on the right. Use your mobile device to read the code and view the details of James’ (you can click the QR code too). This will take you to our secure ID verification server giving you a typical example of a basic ID verification profile. An encrypted code embedded within the QR matrix ensures that user details are kept safe. Without the QR code ID, it is practically impossible to obtain a users details by simply guessing the URL.

A new approach to online ID verification

No matter how many employees you have in your field service team, AutoCred is the ideal way to manage their IDs. Secure, reliable, and 100% safe, AutoCred is a breath of fresh air in an area of business that has been sorely neglected. So how can the system help you as a business? Well, in addition to offering peace of mind to your customers, you’ll also have fine-grain control over the data shown on each card’s profile. For example, you can use the Skills Matrix to highlight the core qualifications of each team member, along with checks such as Disclosure and Barring (formerly known as CRB). If for any reason you need to revoke an ID, you can do that in just a few clicks from anywhere in the world thanks to the AutoVu CRM & FSM platform.

Real-time control of your team’s ID

With privacy and safety at the forefront of many company’s collective minds, the AutoCred system is a simple yet powerful tool for all businesses. With unique QR codes that can be checked by anyone with a smartphone or tablet, it’s a real-time solution for a world that’s more fast-paced than ever before. Details of your staff members are held securely on the AutoVu servers and will only be delivered when requested by either you or a customer via the QR code. That means no chance of tampering and a total elimination of risk when it comes to counterfeiting and fraud. Trust is one of the most essential factors in any transaction, so with AutoCred in your toolbox, you’ll be able to offer this to every client from square one.

Want to learn more about AutoCred or perhaps try it for yourself? Explore the AutoCred page now for more details – or just drop us a line.

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