How SMS Texting Could Be the Best Way to Deliver Your Company's Message

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When is the last time you deleted a text message without reading it? Of all business communications, SMS texting can actually be one of the most powerful. That's why SMS functionality is built right into every flavour of AutoVu Solutions. In today's article, we'll find out exactly how SMS could give your business a boost.

Did you know that more than two-thirds of Brits now own a smartphone? That’s a big target market, and it’s one your business could easily reach using text messages. But we’re not just talking about prospects; you can also harness the power of SMS texting to improve your Customer Relationship Management and ensure your existing clients are as happy as can be. That’s where AutoVu Solutions built-in SMS features can come in very handy indeed.

Keep customers in the loop with SMS

There are plenty of times when it’s important to be in touch with your clients. Whether it’s an imminent delivery or a reminder for an upcoming service appointment, a text message is a fantastic way to get the message delivered – and received. You’ve probably tried email marketing, direct marketing, and the good old dog-and-bone – but these are all quite easy to ignore. The real beauty of an SMS text message (especially on smartphones) is that they’re delivered directly to the client’s screen. In fact, they sometimes don’t even need to open the text message, as default settings for many phones show the message in its entirety. As a business, that’s a very tempting prospect.

SMS: Your one-stop shop for promotion and marketing

Alongside the logistical and service messaging that you may want to send out via SMS, you can also use the tool for marketing. You may have a new product or service that you’d like to trial, or you might want to send out some exclusive discount codes. Either way, an SMS text message is the perfect vehicle for delivering the message and ensuring it actually gets received at the other end. On top of these marketing benefits, you can also use the SMS features of AutoVu Solutions to communicate with your field teams. Need a sales or service rep to switch tasks? Send them a text in a few seconds and get on with your day!

Seamless integration with your CRM platform

One of the best things about the way that SMS texting is integrated with AutoVu Solutions is the fact that your customer records are automatically updated. What this means is that whenever you send out an SMS, whether for marketing or logistical purposes, it’ll get logged to that customer’s specific record. This means that your CRM records will always be up to date with the very latest information, and you can make doubly sure that you’re not oversaturating your messaging via the various channels you have open.

Want to know more about SMS texting in the context of CRM, or perhaps even try it yourself totally free of charge? You can get access to the texting features of AutoVu Solutions with any edition of the software, so all you have to do is get in touch. You can explore the site right now, or call our friendly team with questions on 0845 474 8824.

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