Do we over rely on our providers for internet connectivity?

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This week has seen some pretty abysmal levels of service from both BT and Virgin for their level of service and connectivity offered to their customers, but is there anything we can do to prevent this? Today's post takes a look at the problem and how it could be limited.

As time progresses we inevitably rely on the internet for some or all of our business activity, and this trend  is set to increase. For two consecutive days we have seen severe connectivity problems through BT service providers across the UK. Earlier in the week Virgin had a similar problem with their fibre system. For some, it’s simply a matter of email and can in many ways be put off for a short time without too much of an issue. But for those that rely heavily on the internet for Sales, VoIP and email then the problem really does become an issue.

This problem, at least for a while is likely to persist as the industry grows. Our reliance and increasing use of the internet in general puts a heavy load on an infrastructure that seems to be permanently overstretched and out of date. For each new service installation, with promises to improve our connection speed and reliability comes the inevitable teething problems, power outages and overheating issues. It will improve, but we could do more to reduce the impact.

In comes the load balancing router. A much under rated piece of equipment and not that much more expensive than a standard router. This clever little device can reduce, or even eliminate the problem of internet connectivity. Coupled with a mobile broadband dongle and set up as a fail over device, the mobile dongle can provide impressive broadband results from as little as £10 per month. A small investment to safeguard a reliable internet connection. Furthermore, it all happens automatically once set up correctly.

So, summing up, we don’t really need to put all of our eggs in one basket and pray that the internet stays on? Not really, especially if the fixed broadband is from a different provider than the mobile dongle.

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