Have you become business complacent?

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Your great idea has come to fruition, along the way you posted all of your hard work online for everyone to see how much effort you put into starting your own business. Now that all the hard work has begun to pay off, what do you do next?

This is one of those topics that has entire books written about it, but today were going to concentrate on a particular aspect, which is ‘What do you do once the work starts coming in’

It may seem a silly question but let’s just think about that for a moment. Having spent precious resources and many hours of unpaid time realising your dream, does the business that you now have reflect the investment? For many business owners once what they consider a reasonable income has been achieved, the passion and motivation begins to diminish. On reflection, what they actually have is a job, not a business.

Let me explain that further by putting it a different way. Many business owners simply do what they did in their last paid job, and ironically for a similar income, but with the added stress that the book stops with them when something goes wrong.

Are you not worth a lot more than that? Just think, if you put all of that effort and unpaid time into getting a regular job, imagine the job position and income you would have now! If you fall into this category, it’s time to remember why you went into business for yourself, and remember the original dreams and goals.

Owning your own business is about improving your standard of life and increasing your income, otherwise you may as well have stuck out the paid employment.

So next time your laid on the beach, looking out to sea, ask yourself this: Is this the same beach and the same sea you looked out to when you were employed, or is it the most fabulous place you have ever seen and can really say that owning your own business was really worth all the time and effort that was invested.

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