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In terms of use, the mobile phone for Sales and CRM has made a huge impact to the way we do business. As the trend grows, so have employee working practices. If you're not already on board, should your business be embracing the technology?

To put some figures in place, if we look at the statistics, in 2012 the total of internet traffic that was pushed through the mobile device was around 5%. Today it’s over 50%, that’s over half of all internet use done through the mobile device. It’s a staggering statistic, and will clearly continue to rise.

It’s a clear indication that mobile use is deemed a must in any sales or service scenario where the rep / technician spends much of his time on the move. For some companies though, moving out of the dark ages still seems like a task that can wait for another day, continuing to opt for printed stationary, multipart documents and so on.

These days it’s a clear decision to make. The benefits of going mobile with job reports, customer signatures and access to meeting agenda’s etc. can only benefit and improve a business’s bottom line and customer satisfaction scores.

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