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AutoQuote – Updated and better than ever! For a quotation system that gives you total flexibility with pricing and structured product grouping, AutoQuote may be just what you have been looking for.

It’s fair to say that our AutoQuote system has been a valuable tool for many companies, but having spent the last few months rolling out some great new features, what is it that AutoQuote does that other quoting systems fail to deliver? Read on for an in-depth overview of how AutoQuote can work for you.

Simple to use Pick Lists

In use, it’s as simple as selecting your product make and model, and picking from pre-defined groups and categories each item to show on your quote. A full quotation can be completed in a matter of minutes, accurately priced and set out in a highly professional format.

It’s what’s behind the scenes that make it such a useful tool. The simplicity of use provided to your sales team comes from the pricing structure set up for each product group. Infinite control of each product price structure can be set by supplier or product type. In simple terms this means you can have multiple pricing structures for the same product.

In the real world of contracts and tenders, this structure allows you to accurately price and quote your products to each customer, safe in the knowledge that you are using the correct pricing schedule. No more cross referencing spreadsheets to find out which pricing structure to use. This is done for you automatically.

Risk Assessments

Many of our customers include a risk assessment as part of the quotation. With AutoQuote, you can include this at the click of a button. Risk Assessments can be carried out electronically, on-site, at any time prior to completing the quotation. Risk Assessments are easily tailored to the product type ensuring precisely the most appropriate risk elements are considered. Throw away the photocopies of a photocopy version of the original risk assessment!

Standard Clauses

What does this mean? ok, have you ever had a list of standard phrases that are often included in your quotations …  you copy and paste them into your document on a regular basis! With AutoQuote, these standard phrases can easily be included and grouped automatically with the correct product, meaning that you will always have them to hand when creating the quote. What’s more, you can price these up where necessary showing a price ‘high’, and price ‘low’ indication so that even the newest of your sales team will know where the goal posts are with regards to price. This price high and price low philosophy is used throughout AutoQuote giving you total control over where the pricing of a product should be.

Why not have a Demo

If you would like to see AutoQuote and Workforce Manager in action, why not give us a call. We would be pleased to arrange an online demonstration to show you how it works. Let’s face it, we could write about it all day long, but actually seeing AutoQuote in action really does speak for itself.

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Web designer and occasional blogger. As owner/manager of AutoVu Solutions, my commitment to my customers remains my highest priority. Our Field Service Management system is designed to make running your business a simpler process.

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