Mobile App - Parts Picker

Use the mobile app to select from parts designated as Van Stock. The parts selected are available for inclusion on any Job Ticket allowing you to identify to your customer, the parts used while attending site to complete a repair.

In its most basic form, parts can be designated 'Van Stock' within the 'Asset Register'. Once a part has been added to the Assets section, a toggle can be switched 'On' to allow that part to be shown on the engineer's mobile app for use while completing site work.


Further allocation of the part can be made by assigning it to a particular Product or Vehicle (van stock) further details on this can be found in the How To guide on Assets.


Once a part has been designated as 'Van Stock' it will show on the engineers App as seen below;


This image shows the 'engineer report' view while using the App. The parts used can either be typed in free hand in the 'Parts Used' dialogue, or by clicking the yellow 'Pick' button to select from parts allocated as 'Van Stock' in the Assets section. A combination of both is also possible.



Clicking the 'Pick' button opens the parts picker, for our example we have includes some 'Dummy' parts;



Make & Model

If the Make & Model of the equipment you are repairing / servicing was already determined by the office before sending you the job, the selection of Make and Model will be 'Greyed Out' This is to prevent accidental change of a product once the information has been set.


If the information regarding Make & Model had not previously been set, this can be selected here based on product information previously set within the main database in the 'Products' section. 


If the Make & Model selected is incorrect, this can only be changed within the 'Site' record on the main database.

A full access user must make this change.



Product Parts

When the part was set up in the 'Assets' section, it is possible to assign parts to a particular product. E.G. a PCB that is specifically for a given product can be assigned as such in the Asset register and will appear in this section of the App.


Stock Parts

The part may be considered 'Generic', such as 'Off the shelf' batteries as an example. These would not generally be assigned to a particular 'Make & Model' since they could be used across several product makes / models. In that instance, the part will show in the 'Stock Parts' section of the app.



Product Details

Clicking on the title of the part will open a details dialogue showing all the information currently held about that product;



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Mobile App - Parts Picker
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