Mobile App - General Information

The mobile App is available on both Android and iOS. Download from Play Store and App Store respectively. It is free to download but relies on an active subscription to receive job bookings.

General Information 


Jobs booked onto the system in the rep name selected will appear on the selected users app. I.E. only jobs booked for the current logged in user will show.


By default, the system will only send jobs booked within three days of today. This can be changed in the settings section on the main web UI if you have access permission to do so. What this means is that if a job is booked for a rep to do using the app for a date in ten days time, the job will not actually show on his app until 2-3 days before it is actually due to be done. This is a method of restricting the number of jobs visible on the app at any one time that may be irrelevant to the app user.


A maximum of 50 jobs are sent to the app at any one time to allow efficient data transmission to the app. This limitation would not normally impede on the current days work but may restrict viewing future jobs until the current days work load has been completed. 


50 jobs allows 7 minutes per job in an 8 hour working day where one hour is a lunch break


Which 50 jobs will appear?

The app will show a maximum of 50 jobs on the app diary, this is determined by the following rule in ascending order;


Booked Date

Job Order

Start Time (the start time works on actual times and will default bookings with a start time of '00:00' to the end of the list)


This means that the current day bookings will be prioritised based on the fact the job has been Accepted' then Job Priority number and then the booking time.

E.G. If you have a job priority of 1 then this will be shown at the top of the list. Likewise a booking time of 9am will come before a job booked for 5pm.

If you want to force a job onto the diary as part of the 50 selected, you can give it a higher Job Priority.


If more than 50 jobs are accepted but none of them job completed, still only 50 jobs will show.

Giving more than 50 jobs a priority of 1 will not allow showing more than 50 jobs.



A maximum of 50 jobs will be sent to the app at any one time



Only the work booked for the current day can be updated on the app. (Unless the job was accepted and not completed the previous day. E.G. job accepted very late evening and completed an hour or so later but in the next day.)


Work not accepted on the day it was booked will be removed from the device the next day. Jobs accepted but not complete will be allowed update the next day. All jobs will be removed from the device on the second day.

Multiple logins on the same account on different devices is not permitted. Once the data has been received on one device, other devices logged in on the same account will not receive the same data unless it is re-sent from the main web UI.


When selecting more than one rep for a given job, only the lead rep (first one selected) can update the job using the app. This prevents multiple attempts at updating the same record by several people at the same time.


Jobs are periodically synchronised to the device from the server (approx. every 5 mins) To force an update on the app, swipe down on the diary page to synchronise the information from the server to the device.


If the device is in a no signal area, work can continue and updates will be saved and synchronised once a signal has been re-established.


Job Completion Date

A common problem faced by many companies when working with paper based job sheets is getting these reports handed in on time. By ensuring the app prompts the user to complete the job report the same day as the work is completed eradicates this problem. At the very latest the app will allow the report to be completed the next day provided the job was accepted on the day it was booked.


Should it be imperative that your company allows job reports to be completed by the engineer any day after the actual completion date, you will be required to upgrade the engineer to a web account. This will allow them to complete the report any number of days after the work was complete.


To use the app

After logging in, jobs can only be updated upon starting the days shift. (This procedure only needs completing once when first logging in)

A job must be accepted before details can be entered.

The app will insist on certain fields being complete and will prompt the user to do so.

The job complete button on the app is simply to hide the job from the list. If office personnel re-send the job to the rep, it will re-appear on his app.

When the office toggles Job Complete on the job ticket using the web browser, this will also remove the job from the app.

Site pictures can be taken from the phone gallery or taken directly in the app. Pictures taken via the app will not be saved in the device but will remain in the app and deleted once the record is deleted (this keeps phone memory usage to a minimum) Pictures taken in the app will be previewed before saving. The user must accept the preview for the picture to be saved.



The app is designed to alert the office of the current job stage, these will be indicated on the office users web browser while in the diary page as shown on the left of the grid while in day view. Details on what the coloured markers mean can be viewed by clicking the question mark as shown on the main diary page.


This will show a symbols and definitions dialogue with a key to what all the symbols and colours mean;





Fault Finding - The Jobs are not coming through


No Signal:

If the device is in a no signal area, the data will be stored in the device until a suitable signal is found. Move the device in to a signal area and swipe down on the diary screen to refresh / sync the current data.


Airplane Mode:

The device will not sync while the device is in Airplane Mode. Switch off the Airplane Mode setting to sync.



If the user of the App denies any of the permissions for the app, the data may not sync correctly. Go to settings and accept all permissions for Workforce Manager. It maybe easier to simply uninstall then reinstall to perform this option.



The data allowance on the device may have been exceeded. Top up to continue.


App Corrupted:

If the Workforce Manager App becomes corrupted on the device, it may be necessary to uninstall and then reinstall the app, accepting all permission requests when prompted.


Time Allowance:

Give the App enough time to sync, depending on the data being transmitted at any one time on our system, it could be several minutes before the data will show, particularly images. Images are transmitted in batches and will arrive in due course.


App Version:

From time to time, we update the App, older versions will continue to work for a period of time but these will become obsolete as time passes by. Always make sure the latest version of the App is in use.


App Update:

If a new version of the App has been made available, it is advisable to update this at the end of the day once all of the current days work has been completed to avoid the possibility of losing data during the update process. If an App update is made part way through completing the current days work, it may be possible that job reports that have not yet synced but are on the app will be lost.


Signed Off:

If the job being sent is a 2 person job (or more) only the lead person is able to sign off the job. If that rep signs off the job and clicks 'Job Complete' then it is deemed 'Finished' and will be removed from each of the users device. (typically it would be expected that all the reps would be on site at this time)



There are 2 scenarios for the job being marked as complete:


At the office: If the job has been marked as 'Job Complete' on the web UI job ticket screen, the job will no longer be sent to the App.


On the device: If the engineer has had this job on his device and subsequently clicked 'Job Complete' on his App, the job will no longer show on his device. If this job needs re-sending to the App, you may achieve this by going to the job ticket that needs re-sending and click the 'Re-Send' button shown in the 'App Response' section to the right of the day booking.


Network Error:

If the user device is experiencing a network error, either from the phone network or Wi-Fi signal, this will prevent the jobs from being received.



Although perhaps not widely accepted, there is always the situation where the App user, says the job was not there, it was actually there but has since been removed, or completed. I.E. In situations where the problem user is the 2nd rep selected for the job but did not turn up.


Example: Rep 1 accepts the job and arrives on site. Rep 2 sleeps in. Rep 1 signs off the job and completes it. Rep 2 wakes up but the job is no longer on the App because Rep 1 has already completed it.






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Mobile App - General Information
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