Diary - Email

Full email integration to your email client. Send and receive messages directly to and from each client record storing email data with its respective client location.

Integrate your email account with Workforce Manager allowing you to send and receive emails directly into each client record. This means locating emails specifically targeted to a site or company record is much easier to find as time passes by.


Diary Email

The diary email panel shows an overview of emails sent within the system allowing filters to quickly locate specific emails. Open the panel by clicking where indicated below.


Text Editor Image



The filters

Logged By:

Shows only emails logged by the selected user.



Limit the list to emails from only a specific 'Location'.


Is Flagged:

Show only 'Flagged' emails.


Is Direction 'Inbound':

If an email was was a reply or was imported into the system, these are marked as 'Inbound' checking this flag shows only Inbound emails.


Exclude Diary:

Excludes any emails that originated directly from the diary email panel.




The Columns


The date the email was Sent / Received.



The time the email was Sent / Received.



The user of the system that created or imported the email.



The email address of the user that logged the email.



The email address to sent the email to.



Location in the system where the email was created. This is colour coded to show more clearly the location.



Shows if the email has an attachment.



Shows if the email is Flagged.



The direction of the email. A green 'Up' arrow is an email sent from the system. A blue 'down' arrow is an incoming 'Received' email.



The subject of the email.




Search within a Column

If the filters are not returning a specific enough result. It is possible to search specifically within any column for matching text.


Clicking on the column heading to highlight / sort into column order will additionally open a column search dialogue allowing a specific search criteria for that column.


The image below shows the grid when clicking the 'EmailFrom' column heading which has now turned green, telling us it has been selected for Sort / Search. Immediately the results have been sorted into alphabetical order (clicking it again will reverse the order)



The search will return anything in that column having the word as shown in the search field. In this instance we wanted to find an email address that contained the word 'noreply'.



To remove the filter, click 'Unsort'



Flagging an email

Any email within the system can be flagged. It must be noted that flags in Workforce Manager email are local flags only. These are not automatically flagged within your own email program. Primarily this is because the Workforce Manager email system / panel works with multiple email accounts all within the same interface and flagging is specific to a users email account. Within Workforce Manager, all users have the ability to flag any email.


Flagged emails do not automatically flag in your Outlook



To flag an email directly from the results panel simply click the flag.



Open an email for viewing

Click within the grid to open a specific email for viewing. Once opened, just that single email is visible in the viewer.