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A one click view of all jobs booked, including the current job stage and where each vehicle is currently located. Create a route based on current traffic and road conditions for individual reps. Visualise all outstanding jobs with their location pinpointed on the map.

Google Maps as it stands is a pretty impressive tool, it's used daily by so many people, helping them with directions to their next appointment. We have built on to this platform by overlaying the map with the jobs booked on to the diary and using vehicle tracker data to show where each vehicle is currently located.


AutoMap is a self contained map window that can be positioned anywhere on the screen. If you utilise a dual display system, this can allow the main 'Workforce Manager' app to be open on one screen with 'AutoMap' opened on the other. The window can be resized or maximised to full screen where required. This is particularly useful in an office environment where a large screen display on the wall showing AutoMap could be arranged, allowing an instant view of all jobs, the job stage, and where each of your engineers are.


By combining 'Google Maps' with your jobs diary and vehicle location, you can visualise you current days work at the click of a button. On opening 'AutoMap', the current diary is shown with each marker indicating the same job stage colour codes as those used on the main diary.


A route can be created for each individual rep that can be optimised based on the current road and traffic conditions using the Google Maps traffic service. Once an optimised route has been created, this can be saved into your diary.


You can find out more about AutoMap by visiting the 'How To' guide here;



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