Has your user account been compromised ?

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That's the last thing you need right ... !. Unauthorised access to any user account, whether this is social media, banking or your work place. Fraudulent activity is a headache wherever it occurs.

Our platform now includes 2 factor authentication that will dramatically reduce the possibility of unauthorised use of your Workforce Manager account.


Utilising our mobile app to generate a 6 digit authentication code means that logging in with only a username and password will no longer be enough. Furthermore the mobile app / device used to authenticate your account will be logged as the registered device, preventing anyone else from downloading the app and using your log in details.


Once the 2fa process is completed, that device will be the only one capable of displaying the 6 digit code, or used to view your scheduled jobs.


The browser you are using at this time will remain tied to your authentication for a period of 30 days, after which you will be required to re-enter a new 6 digit code to re-authenticate the browser.


Each new browser you use will require you to enter a new six digit code.


What this means is that unless the user trying to gain access has your registered device, there is no way of obtaining the 6 digit code. Its a new code each time.


If the code is entered wrong 3 times in a row, a new code is generate preventing a brute force attack using sequential numbers.


To find out more, read our 'How-To' guide which gives a step by step process to set up your account using 2 Factor Authentication.






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