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Keeping track of each subcontractor public liability insurance expiry date and requesting renewal documents is an important task for any business that utilises the services of subcontractors. With Workforce Manager, you can track each subcontractors up coming insurance renewals and also block future purchase orders where an insurance policy has lapsed.

Keeping track of, or more to the point preventing the use of subcontractors where their public liability insurance has either expired or never obtained is an increasing risk for all of us.


By setting an expiry date for each subcontractors public liability insurance, including uploading supporting documents, future use of the subcontractor within the purchase orders section can be prohibited with a message explainer.


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Further, you may wish to run a report on all subcontractors where their Public Liability Insurance is due to expire.


To find out more about this feature, visit the Workforce Manager 'How To guide' here for further details on how it works.



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