Engineer ETA and Live Tracking

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Send your customer an automated text message or email indicating when the engineer may arrive with a live tracking map showing where the engineer is currently located.

Giving your customers an estimated time of arrival can help them better organise their day.


The process is fully automated, by simply pressing the 'Enroute / Travelling to Site' button on the Workforce Manager Mobile App, a Text Message or Email containing your message is sent to the site contact.


Reducing No Show Appointments

In addition to sending an ETA, the Workforce Manager Schedule System can send an automated SMS or Email several hours before the actual booking date. This process can greatly reduce the number of 'No Show' appointments where the customer may have forgotten that the appointment was booked.


How it works

By selecting a few simple options on the Scheduler dialogue, the automated SMS and Email service can be up and running within a few moments. The message panels are automatically pre populated with an example, you may edit this to your exact requirements.


General Image



Your customer will receive an appointment confirmation or ETA message within a few minutes with each automated request.


Example Emails


General Image


General Image




Example SMS


General Image

General Image



Example Live Track Map


General Image



For further information about our Live Tracker and ETA module, check out the 'How To' guide Here for more details.





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