Prevent Double Bookings and Holiday Clash

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Prevent overlapping appointments and bookings made when the representative is on Holiday. Log times of availability and days where no bookings are to be allocated.

Its a common problem.


Booking site visits for a rep where an existing appointment has already been made but in a different location. Clearly we cant be in two places at once !


What can we do about it ?


With Workforce Manager we can activate several tools to eliminate this problem. Here's the Booking Events dialogue that pretty much makes this self explanatory. Each Rep can be set separately creating an exact timetable of availability for each person.


General Image


The events tracker is split into 3 sections that allow us to either warn that a booking will overlap or prevent it from being booked at all.


Once an event is active, bookings for the selected rep will be made according to the settings within the Booking Events Manager for each Rep.


If you would like to find out more about our Booking Events module, visit the How To guide Here.





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