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Integrate multiple email accounts with workforce manager to target specific email directly to the correct location. Search and flag emails with quick navigation directly to where the email originated.

Email integration is an important aspect for any business using CRM or Field Service Management software.


Our platform integrates user email accounts for seamless sending and receiving of emails specifically targeted to the Workforce Manager platform. This could be a Sales Quote, a service Job Ticket, Invoice or just plain email.


This eliminates spam and allows for instant location of specific emails for a given site / user.


The opening interface allows you to view all emails created by all users with filters to speedily drill down to target just those emails you want to view.



The system allows a unique approach to email allowing all your users to have their own email address, but combining the emails sent through the system by each user into one interface.


This approach remedies the problem of determining who's outlook was used to send a specific item.


You can read our how to guide here to learn more about how our email client software interface works.





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