3 Sure-Fire Ways to Create Lifelong Brand Advocates

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When you treat a customer well, they'll likely come back for more. Keep that trend of great customer service going, and you could create brand advocates that do the selling for you. Here are three ways to do just that.

Most companies spend almost limitless resources on bringing in new customers, meaning existing ones can sometimes fall by the wayside. But how great would it be to have customers who sung your company’s praises everywhere they went? By following our 3 sure-fire methods, you can create brand advocates that can effectively bring in new customers all by themselves. Are you ready to create your next biggest fan? 

1. Reward your big spenders

It makes sense that people will only want to extoll the virtues if you give them a reason to do so. Have you ever had an unexpectedly amazing customer service experience? If so, you probably told quite a few people about it afterwards. Now imagine this happening on a larger scale over a longer period of time… that’s how brand advocates are born! So the first step in creating your own is to ensure that you check your client or customer list, identify your VIPs, then ensure they’re rewarded and treated whenever you can. Even a ‘thank you’ phone call from the boss is enough to turn a few heads!

2. Ask your potential advocates what they think

Once you’ve begun the process of creating a few brand advocates of your own, it’s time to engage with them directly. The reason? Well, we all want to feel valued, and by directly asking your VIPs their opinions on potential new products or services, they’ll feel included and involved. By making your VIPs feel like they’re involved in the decision-making process for your business, it’s far more likely that they’ll go on to sing your praises everywhere they go. You can leverage a number of different channels to open this conversation, including email, telephone, and social media. And speaking of social media…

3. Give them the tools to do the advocating

In order for your advocates to actually spread the word about the company, you need to grease the wheels a little. The best way to do this is to ensure they have the right tools at their disposal. Word of mouth is a powerful thing, but it’s limited in its scope – and that’s where social media comes in. Be sure that you have active business profiles on sites like Facebook and Twitter, and that you’re producing content regularly. Your brand advocates will naturally share and re-tweet your content, giving you even more reach and exposure. Just be sure to return the favour, and re-tweet a few tweets of theirs too!

Are you feeling inspired to begin nurturing a few brand advocates? You may just be surprised at how effective they can be at pushing up your bottom line. To make the task of creating advocates all the more simple, check out the AutoVu CRM platform today.

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