3 Business Challenges to Keep an Eye Out for This Christmas

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Forewarned is forearmed… or so they say. But does this old adage really hold true when it comes to Christmas? The festive period can be one of the most lucrative (yet stressful) times of the year. So here are 3 potential challenges you should be prepared for this December – and how to tackle them.

If you’ve been in business for a while, you’re probably a dab-hand at tackling the festive period, but that doesn’t mean you’re immune to all pitfalls. After all, no matter how well prepared you are for something, the unexpected may always be just around the corner. So in that spirit, we’ve collected up 3 of the most common Christmas challenges in an effort to give your business the edge…

3. The inevitable quiet period

Like it or not, the few days around the big day itself are a time when 99% of the UK take a break from whatever they do for just a short while. That leads to an inevitable quiet period when you’re likely to receive no fresh leads and even fewer sales – especially if you’re in a B2B industry. But you can limit the impact this quiet period has in a number of ways. First, consider the fact that everyone is doing the same thing – so you’re not losing out to competitors. Second, try to make allowances for this inevitable lull in the months leading up to Christmas.

3. Demand outstripping supply

While the few days around December 25th may be quiet as a mouse, there’s a good chance that the preceding weeks will be anything but. B2C businesses will naturally feel this one more readily as consumers try to collect everything on their Christmas list. With this in mind, it’s possible that some businesses actually experience more demand than they can cater for. One good way to avoid this is to track the trends of previous years, add 10% to that volume, then make allowances for this demand. That will at least mitigate issues like running out of stock or being unable to fulfil orders.

1. Customers feeling left out in the cold

The festive period can bring new customers to businesses they wouldn’t normally interact with; think men buying their other half’s jewellery and such-like. Because of this, it’s possible that your business will need to shift focus to new customers and prospects for a while. Try as you might, this fact may mean that existing customers – even your best ones – are neglected to some extent. To avoid this, be sure that you leverage a CRM system like AutoVu to keep you on top of all of your customer relationships. After all, the last thing you want at Christmas is to lose customers!

By properly preparing to tackle these Christmas challenges, you’ll find your festive period is much more jolly and full of joy. To make your business feel that way all year round, consider investing in AutoVu CRM & FSM software. Learn more today or call our team on 0845 474 8824.

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