The main diary page is the opening screen on AutoVu when you first log in. In this section we will cover the main aspects of this page, with a brief description of what the main buttons do.


Some or all of the options shown on the image below will be available to you based on your subscription level and settings chosen by your manager.



From the top of the page working down;



This small box allows you to search and locate any record within the system. You may search on name, address, postcode and telephone number (or parts of these combined) to locate a site or company record. 


Once job tickets, purchase orders or invoices have been created, you can also search on their unique reference numbers to locate the document.


AutoVu search is intelligent, I.E. it remembers the records that are frequently visited. So for example, if you have a large number of records with the same name, E.G. 'Smith', there will only be a certain number of them that you often visit. AutoVu will ensure that these are at the top of your search as they are more relevant.



Clicking the green button labelled 'Today' simply brings the diary back to the current date, rather than having to select it from the calendar.



The previous button lists the latest 30 site or company records that you have recently visited, with the last one visited being at the top. This is a very useful button saving you time searching for the same few records you may be working on during the course of the day.


List, Day, Week, Month

These 4 buttons toggle the main display to show booked jobs in different formats,


List: Shows a time scale on the left hand side with each rep across the top. The job times can be edited directly from this view

Day: By far the most popular view, shows a grid view of all current jobs for the current day.

Week: Shows the jobs booked for an entire week with the days listed across the top.

Month: Similar to week view but including every week of the month listed beneath each other.


Plus / Minus Buttons

Depending which view you have set, the plus and minus buttons toggle one day, week or month at a time.


The Calendar

Select any date to view within the main display.



If the CSV button is visible, this allows you to create a spreadsheet ready for download of the currently displayed grid / view.



This allows you to send automated emails and or text messages to your clients based on your diary. See details within the section 'Scheduled SMS/email' for further information.



View all of the current day bookings on a map, this can also include the location of your vehicles if you have a tracker fitted, or the location of the Mobile Device (smartphone) should your site operatives be using our app. See details within the section 'AutoMap' for further details.


Diary Filter

This allows you to limit the diary jobs to a single rep by selecting them from the upper drop down list (user). You can also filter on a chosen job type by selecting a value from the 'Job' drop down list. Please Note: The system remembers your filter settings until you reset them.


Add New Account

A new account is either a site, or company record within AutoVu. This Button has its own help topic.


Book a New Visit

A site visit can be created with as little as a date the visit will occur, and the person who is attending. This Button has its own help topic.


Add New Task

A task is used to record any non site visit related activity, I.E. you may wish to record an employees holiday. This Button has its own help topic.




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If you would like to know more about AutoVu and what we can do to help your business, why not check out our Frequently Asked Questions page, or Contact Us any time to discuss your specific requirements.

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