The Essential Customer Engagement Primer for 2016

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There are a few key strategies in business that you really can't afford to ignore in 2016 – and Customer Engagement is one of them. Also known as 'CE', this term comprises a collection of tactics that ensure your customers feel valued and connected to you as a brand. Our primer will help you make the most of your CE.

We’re living and working in a world that’s more connected than ever before. Whether it's social media or the smartphones in our pockets, there's now an expectation of connectedness – especially for businesses. It's this unprecedented level of connection that makes customer engagement such a valuable asset today. Following are some key tactics to ensure that your CE strategy is a winner from day one.

Tactic #1: Never ignore customer engagement

The first thing to remember is that customer engagement happens whether you're actively working on it or not. For example, the business that ignores complaints from customers is engaging with that customer in a negative way. Likewise, the business that deals with a complaint immediately is creating positive customer engagement. With these things happening anyway, it only makes sense to exert control over them – and that's where a CE strategy comes in. The great thing is that no matter how small your efforts to improve customer engagement, you'll always be doing better than those businesses who do nothing. Every little helps, after all.

Tactic #2: Develop (and maintain) a content strategy

The heart of CE is ensuring that your customers always have your business front-and-centre in their minds. They need to see your brand as an entity in itself – one with a personality and a voice that they appreciate. To this end, it's always worth developing and deploying a content strategy. Whether it's weekly blog posts or regular updates via Facebook and Twitter, it all goes towards creating a superior level of customer engagement. Even better, these channels mean that customers can actively engage in a dialogue with your business. Having said that, do be aware that not every online comment will be a positive one!

Tactic #3: Ensure all engagement channels are open

For positive customer engagement to occur, you need to make sure that your customers can reach you. In the past, it was enough to have a phone number and mailing address – but not anymore. Great CE really hinges on the digital world, with social media forming its core. To make the most of your CR strategy, you need to be sure all channels are open. This means at least three of the following: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, a company blog, email, phone, and so on. It may seem like a lot to manage, but it's important – because your competitors are probably already doing it.

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