Can Engineers Book Their Own Jobs?

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Yes they can! By using the Workforce Manager Mobile App, site engineers can see every job allocated to the service route, detailing how far away the job is from their current location, when it was due and a full detailed description.

Setting up a service route to send all outstanding service jobs to each of your reps is as simple as toggling a couple of check boxes. From there on in, all jobs added to the system are automatically sent directly to each rep that is using the mobile app. Once the job is booked, it automatically moves from the service route list onto the current day diary.


By utilising the Service Route eliminates the requirement for the office service desk to constantly book and then re-book routine service jobs. 


It is often the case where an engineer may have completed the days work early (call outs etc). In this instance, allocating some routine service work see's them through to the end of the day. This is where the 'Service Route' comes in really handy.


Instead of the office service desk personnel having to constantly find service work within each reps current location, the Workforce Manager Mobile App can do all of this automatically.


Each job can be listed in order from the closest to their current location to the furthest away, all the rep has to do is confirm with the customer that a service visit is acceptable then the job can be booked with one click.


A Job Example

Here is a screen shot of the service route list, it can contain hundreds of jobs if required. Each job tells the engineer exactly how far away from their current location the site is.


General Image


If they click on the job, it opens another dialogue where they can 'Accept' it. Once the 'Accept' button is pressed, the job is booked. its as simple as that.


General Image



Targeted Service Routes

You can of course be a lot more specific with your service routes if required.


If your site engineers typically work a specific route, this can be set up and each site within that route can be targeted to just the right reps. 



You can find out much more about our Service Route option by reading the Service Route How To guide Here.





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